The social and immersive, multi-chain and user-generated metaverse.
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xSPECTAR sets up the infrastructure for 3D builders, content creators, and entrepreneurs to thrive in the social and immersive web. With the power of blockchain, you have complete control over your digital identity. Utilizing Fuelstack, you have access to a multi-chain global economy.


The native xSPECTAR marketplace provides a highly immersive and interactive user experience, allowing participants to seamlessly browse and purchase products within the ecosystem.

Marketplace products

Currently offering three separate collections of NFTs that will provide unique utility within the xSPECTARVERSE, our native marketplace offers users the ability to buy and sell with zero fees.

Soon, this marketplace will be the hub for metaverse items, land, and structures.


The XSPECTAR Token can be accessed on the XRP Ledger distributed exchange as well as multiple centralized exchanges throughout the world, with more being added frequently.


Seamlessly transacting in the xSPECTARVERSE will require a powerful currency. The XSPECTAR token, transacting on the robust and decentralized XRP Ledger, will not only be the ecosystem’s native currency, but will provide in-project utility to holders: Exclusive rewards only available to members of our community.


The XS Lock Rewards Program allows XSPECTAR holders to lock their tokens on xspectar.com and earn amazing incentives, including token rewards, NFTs, and plots within the metaverse’s ‘XS Tower’. Choose from several token tiers and lock time periods.


xSPECTAR utilizes the robust and decentralized XRP Ledger for our token and marketplace, but our vision will see us strive for a truly blockchain-agnostic platform. In addition, by operating nodes and oracles on the XRPL and Flare Networks, we contribute to the overall health of the blockchains we are building upon.

Benefits for brands

The xSPECTARVERSE provides a unique opportunity for brands to engage with users in a highly captivating and innovative environment, creating memorable experiences and building brand loyalty.

Customizable Brand Presence

Create a digital platform within the metaverse that reflects your brand’s personality and values.

Product Placement and Integration

Integrate your products and services into the metaverse, allowing users to interact with you in a virtual world.

Targeted Advertising

Leverage user data and insights to create targeted advertising campaigns.

Brand-sponsored events

Sponsor and create events within the metaverse, providing a unique and immersive experience for users.

Gamification and rewards

Build systems to engage users through gamification to encourage them to interact with your brand.

Collaborations and partnerships

Collaborate with others to create unique and innovative experiences within the metaverse.

Platform Use cases

The world of xSPECTAR provides a wide range of interactive and lucrative uses for individuals and businesses alike in their personal and entrepreneurial pursuits

Sporting events
Host virtual sporting events, tournaments, and competitions within the metaverse.
Fashion shows
Showcase new collections and designs with virtual fashion shows and exhibitions.
Music concerts
Host virtual concerts and music festivals with immersive experiences and performances.
Charity events
Host charity events and fundraisers, providing a unique platform to raise awareness and support.
Travel experiences
Provide experiences and tours, showcasing new and exciting destinations around the world.
Provide classes within the metaverse, such as language courses, workshops, and seminars.
Film premiers
Host virtual film screenings and premieres, showcasing new releases and exclusive content.
Product launches
Host virtual product launches and unveilings, providing an interactive experience for consumers
Brand activations
Create unforgettable brand activations and experiences, engaging with consumers in innovative ways.


Our Vision

Empowering users to explore, connect, and thrive in a virtual world, xSPECTAR aims to be the most realistic and immersive metaverse experience, allowing users access to countless opportunities across our ecosystem.

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    Virtual Gallery
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  • Coming in 2023 ...
  • xSPECTAR Marketplace
    Buy and trade #xSPECTAR NFTs, incubated project NFTs, and cross-blockchain NFTs in our seamless marketplace.
  • Infrastructure PaaS & SaaS
    With our PAAS and SAAS infrastructure, projects can create their own website and marketplaces or integrate Web-3 tech in their own systems with ease.
  • Incubator & Launchpad
    xSPECTAR will provide a fee-based incubator and launchpad for businesses and projects that wish to more easily implement Web3 features and services.
  • Creator Contest
    The launch of an epic Metaverse Creator Contest which will see designers and teams compete in creating visually stuning and creative areas in which to explore.

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Our native currency, and utility-driven token, that will be used across the entire xSPECTAR ecosystem.
For more details on how to buy the XSPECTAR token, please go here.
Individuals can use XSPECTAR within our native NFT marketplace, buy land, and access rewards. By holding at least 8,888 tokens, you can obtain future offers and utility within the xSPECTARVERSE.
There are three xSPECTAR NFT series: The Genesis Collection, The Crown Council, and the DS Private Collection.

The Genesis Collection

This debut collection, made up of 8,888 NFTs, is your ultimate access ticket to our world. Holding this NFT will grant you exclusive access to special utility within the xSPECTARVERSE.

Crown Council

88 hyper-realistic, 3D NFTs that give holders unique access to real-life annual events.

DS Private Collection

888 NFTs that bring humor and charity to the xSPECTAR community.
All collections can be accessed on the native xSPECTAR marketplace or on all major XRPL secondary marketplaces.