About us

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Our mission

To empower our agents by offering the most advanced metaverse and blockchain ecosystem, breaking down physical barriers and giving exclusive access to land ownership, business ventures, gaming, social events, and collaboration, enabled by our seamless virtual economy.


But there’s a deeper mission too. We’re building a community. An exclusive club that offers endless opportunities.

Expanding your network on a global scale. Developing unique business models. Embracing the exciting possibilities of Web3 and the digital economy. All of this is possible in the xSPECTAR Metaverse.

We want our Metaverse to be a place where agents can make contacts, do business, and feel at home in an exclusive global network. We’re creating a high-end experience where everybody can spend their free time laughing, making friends, and exploring the wonders of our Metaverse.

As a team, we serve the community. Our work is for them. That’s why we waived our token allocation and are working tirelessly for the xSPECTAR agents. Everything we do is in the interests of our community.


Our community members are known as xSPECTAR agents. Every agent has the power to showcase their unique identity. Because we want our Metaverse to be a place of creativity and confidence, where everybody can express who they truly are. To do this, we’re deploying high-tech Avatar creation software. This leading technology allows agents to create ultra-realistic embodiments which they can use in our Metaverse. But we’re also deploying artistry and imagination. That’s why we’ve partnered with Mao, an acclaimed artist. Mao’s job is to ensure our Metaverse encourages individuality and originality.


We’re never afraid to think big. But at xSPECTAR, we speak by doing. We know that vague promises or grand theories aren’t enough.

We’re a team that puts our ideas into practice. We’ve been delivering for our community since day one. And we fully intend to carry on doing so.

Meet the team

Dirk Schepens
Neil Cadman
Vincent van Beek
CMO Marketing
Moisés Silveira
CMO Metaverse
Mao Lin Liao
NFT artist