The xSPECTAR Metaverse is being built with Unreal Engine, the world’s most powerful and advanced real-time 3D creation tool. The aim is to combine immersive graphics with a personalizable user experience.

unreal engine

Leading with Innovation

We’re integrating multiple blockchains into our Metaverse, starting with the XRPL.

The deployment of this ledger offers our agents some substantial benefits: low transaction fees, ultra-fast processing, high scalability, and carbon neutrality. Our Metaverse is already a leading project within the XRPL space.

However, we’re pushing for innovation on multiple chains, as we’re convinced that cross-chain interoperability is the future.

Bitmap Island Land sales

Purchase limited land within the xSPECTARVERSE. Our Bitmap Island land sale is now live.

XS Community hall

Enjoy the first opportunity to explore the xSPECTARVERSE. Download the launcher for free and play with friends today.