XSPECTAR is the native currency within the xSPECTARVERSE ecosystem, transacting on the robust and powerful XRP Ledger.

Virtual worlds need virtual money

Our ecosystem will be powered by the XSPECTAR token. But it's not only the currency within our world, it's also a utility token which offers a number of exciting uses and benefits: Exclusive rewards available only to members of our community. Recognizing the massive potential of XSPECTAR, the market has already listed the token on multiple major centralized, swap, and decentralized exchanges. See whitepaper for more

Token allocation

Total Supply - 88,888,888 tokens (blackholed account)

40% Circulaying Supply
5% Liquidity
2,5% Rewards & Giveaways
15% Treasury
20% XS Lock Program
1,5% Advisors
7 %Private Sale
9% SHO
See richlist

Earn rewards with locking your tokens

Lock your xSPECTAR Tokens with XS Lock and earn incredible rewards.

Exchanges / marketplaces

The XSPECTAR Token can be accessed on the XRP Ledger Distributed Exchange as well as multiple centralized exchanges throughout the world, with more being added frequently.

Centralized Exchanges

De-centralized & Swap Exchanges

Token Swap

xspectar economics

From allocation of NFTs to tokens and listings, xSPECTAR has strived to give participants fair, stable, and equal access to our platform while providing incentives for early participants.